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Congratulations Adam DeVita, NDP Candidate for the 2015 Federal Election.
There will be more about Adam and the Federal NDP Platform on this site soon. If you would like to volunteer please do so through the official campaign web page, http://adamdevita.ndp.ca

Provincial News

Ontario NDP votes to abolish the OMB.

As of November 2014 it is the Official Policy of the Ontario NDP to abolish the OMB.
We need a new appeals process in Ontario, one that respects Democratic Control of town planning.

Greenbelt Legislation Review

Review of the Greenbelt Act and the Places to Grow Act opens on Feb. 28, 2015
Richmond Hill is a critical, narrow point in the Greenbelt. Therefore it is in our interest to inform our Ontario government that these Greenbelt Plans must be strengthened, monitored and enforced by sufficient qualified personnel.


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